Enter Shea Quinn

The SheaQuinn.com website name (URL/domain), although not yet directed to the TheLuvGods.com website yet, is purchased and ready to be redirected. In preparation for this and so that followers and fans of Shea Quinn do not get lost, the website title has been changed from TheLuvGods to LuvGods / SheaQuinn. In this way, the LuvGods names remain in front of visitors and is still the primary point of focus for the visitors.

As SheaQuinn.com becomes directed to TheLuvGods.com, in a few months, the website title will begin to reflect the idea of consolidation by the title becoming SheaQuinn / LuvGods. This will move the consolidation to the forefront but still allow visitors to recognize that this is still the right website for the Luv Gods.

No worries, for you will still be able to find this website through the TheLuvGods.com name (URL/domain). The difference will be that you will also be able to find it using the SheaQuinn.com name (URL/domain) also. Add in that Shea Quinn solos, Shea & Swish, The Luv Gods, Sharks, Quinn and the Finnz, The Band Who Sold the World, some Jet Silver, and others will also be available here but without the feeling of being exclusively for The Luv Gods. This website continues to become the one-stop-shop for the bands and artists associated with Shea Quinn.

Current work has brought the official FaceBook page to FaceBook.com/SheaQuinnBands and the updated Bands-In-Town to BandsInTown.com/SheaQuinn. Although further work for consolidation remains, progress begins as a good pace.

Stay tuned for more

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